Monday, 19 January 2015

Mixed Media Snow Scenes

Printing and Oil Pastels

Year one were looking at the picture book text The Emperor's Egg during term 2. The book follows the life cycle of a penguin with beautiful illustrations.

At the time I completed my Christmas shopping online and had a large amount of bubble wrap which I could not part with. My husband was keen for me to find a purpose for it as it was taking up space in the front room. I knew that using it for printing would be nice but I just couldn't envision how.

When I was working with year one on a March of the Penguin style oil pastel picture I was hit with the inspiration that I needed. The children had been creating a snow scene picture out of oil pastels on blue sugar paper. I decided rather that use white oil pastels to add the snow, we would tape the sheets of bubble wrap to the tables and roll white paint over the top. The children then placed their finished pictures on top to print the snow scene over the top.

Using the bubble wrap really added to the atmosphere of the pictures giving the mood of the harsh weather conditions in the arctic whilst the penguins trek inland to lay their eggs.