Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ancient Greeks

This Term my year 5 and 6 classes have been investigating Ancient Greece. Their literacy text has been the tales of Odysseus. I have had great fun this term and really wanted to share this outcomes of this terms art.


Ancient Greek Architecture

We began the term looking at Ancient Greek architecture and how it has had an impact on architecture today. We looked at the different columns and what they represent. the children then set about making their own Greek column
we used PVA glue to secure art straws to a piece of plain A4 paper. Whether the paper is landscape or portrait determines the height of the column. The children experimented with different size straws and the spacing between them. Once they had covered their pieces of paper we created cylinders by stapling them.
The children then added a square of white painted card board to the top and bottom. The children then had the option to add decoration to the column to create one of the three designs we had looked at.
As a plenary we looked at a power point of Greek architecture around the world and identified which style of column had been used.