Thursday, 30 October 2014

Trojan Horse

The Battle of Troy

The stories of the battle of troy really appealed to my year 5 and 6 classes this term so I decided to have an end of term large project both classes would work on together. My daughter's secondary school had created a wooden replica of the Trojan horse; I felt a similar project would be exciting for us to end the term on.

unfortunately my budget and expertise would not stretch to making a wooden horse but cardboard was an easy alternative. I drew the template but the children cut and painted it in groups across two weeks. They also painted wheels that have just been added. I do not have a final finished picture at the moment but I will add one later.

We split the class into those working on the horse and those who could make their own individual models out of card. We also had some making models of different ancient Greek mythical characters. Click here for the templates.
Once the horse was dry we used empty copier paper boxes to secure the two sides. Using a glue gun the boxes gave it strength and width. These were then painted and the wheels were added again using a glue gun (my latest new toy).
In total our horse in six feet tall. when drawing the large scale model, I took the template for the individual Trojan horse and times all the dimensions by 10. This project was great for the children to work collaboratively on a large scale.