Thursday, 30 October 2014

Revolting Romans

My year 3 and 4 classes this term have had the topic of Romans to study. This gave us the opportunity to do a lot of 3D work. This term is the first time the year 3 class has had art with me as part of the PPA rota.

Roman Soldiers

We began the term looking at the Roman soldier and his armour. we played the dress the Roman Soldier game in the IWB to introduce the different parts of the Roman soldier equipment. We then used toilet rolls and gold paper to create our own models.
The children painted the toilet roll half red (for the tunic) and half pink (for his face). we then used egg cartons and gold paint for the helmets and added gold paper to the toilet rolls for the different parts of the soldier's armour.
 Finally the children added a plume to the helmet using red paper and a face using a black felt tips pen.
The other project we worked on was the Roman sandal. We used a template that we cut out accurately - which was a skill we needed to practise. Then using a single hole punch to create hole to thread the laces. I was then surprised by how the children struggled to thread the ribbon or string for the laces. It made me aware we needed to do some more textile work.