Saturday, 20 September 2014

Apps and Art

Using technology to create and explore art is a must in my book. I know the new 2014 curriculum has removed the use of technology completely but it can't hurt the children to still give them the opportunity to use technology in this was. When you think about how much technology is integrated in our day to day lives. It also provides a another cross curricular link.

Above is a picture of my daughter who created this Andy Warhol themed print out using an IPad app. Below are a number of useful apps that will get the children, in class or in their own down time, exploring the world of art.

Spin ART+ - great for
Girl Talk Art - based on a girls magazines but holds many art and design projects for upper KS2 and upwards.
Crayola Paint & Create -  drawing and painting app with option to use stickers and print the finished product.
Spray Can - Great app for exploring street art and graffiti without the health and safety aspect of using aerosols.
MoMa Art Lab - The Museum of Modern Art activities for creating artwork.
PlayART Van Gogh - manipulate and recreate Van Gogh most famous pieces of art - Good for introduction to Van Gogh's work
PlayART - 8 other famous artist to explore
Glow Draw - good for creating bonfire night scenes for the 5th of November.
How to Draw -  free lessons on sketching and drawing.
Andy Warhol Camera - App that manipulates colour and contrasts (used for picture above)
Pop Art FX - similar to above but more detailed