Saturday, 20 September 2014

Lighthouses - The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

 Lighthouses made from Pringle pots. Yes Pringle pots. I know that a large pot of Pringles contain an entire days worth of calories but I did have help in eating all 30 tubes so that my year 1 class could complete this project.

I provided the children with a Pringle tube, strips of coloured paper, a clear plastic cup, a paper plate, glue sticks and scissors. Applying the red and white strips of paper to the Pringles tube was a great opportunity to bring Maths into the session, by encouraging use of a repeating pattern.


The children then added detail using black paper for windows and doors. The also use felt tips on the reverse of a paper plate to create a rock and sea impression. Finally to finish we popped an electric tea light on the top of the tube and covered the inside of the clear plastic cup with a thin yellow paper which allowed the tea light to shine through.

This was a really enjoyable lesson and look great on display at the front of the school. Don't forget to get some help with eating all the Pringles!