Sunday, 14 September 2014


Welcome to the Primary Art 123 Blog. I'm an art teacher in the primary setting in the United Kingdom. I have recently been asked to share some of my resources and lessons with others at a professional development day, so I thought what better way than to document my day to day work than to create a blog. I work for an academy chain providing cover for teachers non contact time. I'm fortunate deliver the art and design curriculum to children aged five to eleven years old. 
The blog will share teaching strategies and lesson ideas that I have covered in the last two years. The school I work at currently have a two year rolling curriculum. I try where ever possible to link the lessons I deliver to other subjects the children are studying a the time. I hope you enjoy the blog and maybe even get inspired to use some of the strategies and lesson with your children.
Jackson Pollock - Art Club - Artist Study
My KS2 Art Club recently conducted an artist study of the work of Jackson Pollock. We looked at his work and discussed materials and methods he used. Then came the fun bit. I took a great opportunity at the end of the summer term to collect up all near empty bottles of paint without the school. Even the ones that had been hiding underneath the sink in all the other classrooms. This was not only great house keeping for the other teachers but it allowed me to get a picture of the resources I needed to order for September. We also took advantage of the sunny weather and went outside on the playing field. After reminding the children of the wrath of their parents if they got paint over their uniform they fully enjoyed experimenting with splashing, throwing and dripping paint. It was great to her them independently discussing their results using core art vocabulary. Yes it does help if you have a few days of clear weather as I left the finished results outside for a couple of nights until they dried fully. The boards made a great adornment to the school entrance hall.