Sunday, 14 September 2014

Stone Age Art

Cave Art in Clay


My Year 5 and 6 classes were studying the book Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. This type of topic and text really gives plenty of opportunities to tie in with other curriculum subjects. Best of all ART! So, it was time to break out the clay. We looked at examples of cave paintings and had great fun trying to interpret the pictures putting a story to the picture. This works great as a precursor to moving the children on to looking at other great pieces of art when asking them to think critically. We flattened out lumps of clay, with our hands, to give an uneven surface mimicking that of a cave. Make sure that the slab of clay is no thinner than half a centre metre as it will break when dry. The children then used tools or pencils to draw stick figures in the slab of clay. Many of the children shared the story behind their pictures whilst working. I chose to use air drying as we don't have a kiln at the school but this will work with either types of clay.  

The next week, once the slabs had dried, we sponged orange and yellow paint, in to layers, over the slab. Finally we paint in the imprint with black paint using a fine brush.