Saturday, 20 September 2014

Strategies To Get The Children Thinking About Art

Facebook - Display

Even in a primary school children know how Facebook works and how to navigate it. I created a Facebook display board as another strategy to communicate facts and quotes about specific artist or artistic movements and techniques. The children also get to see related works of art through the photos tab and can respond to the artists status, by adding a comment in the comment boxes, that have been laminated.
This has been a favourite addition to my art room since the return to school in September where currently Homer the Greek Poet has shared his views on ancient Greek sculpture.

Ping Pong Critique

Ping Pong Ball Critique.  Here is a list of 30 questions that you can write on ping pong balls to make talking about art with kids more fun.
This has to be the best way I have found to introduce art language an concepts to my classes. Not only does it really make them look at the piece of art in front of them but they begin to draw comparisons between different artists and their own work which at the age of eight is fantastic critical thinking. I would like to take credit for this myself but I found this via Pinterest. The list of thirty art critique questions which I are free to download fro Teachers Pay Teachers can be written on a range of objects not necessarily ping pong balls but the children really loved digging deep into my jar and rattling them around. I would love to find an old bingo machine that I could turn the handle and wait for a ball to drop out.