Sunday, 16 November 2014

Art Appreciation Lessons Part 2


Kandinsky - Circles, Circles, Circles

Kandinsky is a great artist to focus on both shape and colour. His concentric circle painting is a great springboard. In this post I have two separate lessons that I used to cover Kandinsky in KS1 and KS2.

In KS1 we looked at the painting and discussed the shapes and how the circles were inside each other. We then went on a shape hunt trying to find other example of concentric circles or other shapes. We then used found circular objects to print in a Kandinsky style. Encourage the children to layer circles on top of each other.

For KS2 we used pastels on sugar paper to create concentric circles. Varying the thickness of the circles and colours. You could extend the lesson so the children have to use just cool or warm colours or that the colour have to be analogues. After cutting them out, we displayed them as the foliage on a Kandinsky tree.