Monday, 17 November 2014

Cave Art Paintings and Interpretations

When looking at cave art I really wanted the children to begin to interpret art for themselves and look at what messages the artist wanted to send. Cave art is a perfect place to begin children looking for messages and the purpose of art.

Fortunately, before we started the topic I had taken a trip to the Bristol Museum and came across an interesting piece of cave art. See Below


Underneath the caption read that the art work had been found in Somerset and archaeologist have no idea of its purpose or meaning. I took this inspiration and began the lesson by asking the children to write their own interpretations on post it notes and discuss as a class.

We later moved onto drawing representation of the class text, set in the stone age, on scrunched up parcel paper with charcoal and soft pastels.

We later displayed them all over the walls in the corridor to create a cave look.