Sunday, 16 November 2014

Artist Appreciation Lessons - Part 3

Monet - Water Lilies

Covering Monet was a really enjoyable session. Making sure we had the right tools did have a positive effect on the results for the children.

We used cartridge paper which I know can be expensive but was worth it. The children had square tipped brushes to help get that Monet look. I began with demonstrating the Tache technique(a tapping motion) used by Monet and other impressionist.

The next bit you can either do ready for the children to paint or get them to do it themselves. I used making tape to mark out the bridge shape across the landscape of the paper. This could also be done with masking fluid (again can be expensive).

Once that is done the children are ready to paint. I gave them a selection of green and blue paint. Blue for the pond in the bottom half of the picture and the green for above the bridge. I also made available some pinks and purples to add flower detail. 

Finally we added a few white lilies to the pond and left to dry. Once completely dry we removed the masking tape to see our finished paintings.