Sunday, 23 November 2014

Franz Marc Animal Collage - Cubism


Animal Oil Pastel and Tissue Paper Collage

Whilst my year 3 and 4 classes were studying the book ZOO by Anthony Browne I took the opportunity to connect their art lessons with other artist who painted animals.
Franz Marc was a great artist who also use animals as his subject. We played ping pong critic (see my getting children thinking about art post) with some example of his work. We discussed why and how he used straight lines and angels in his work. This is were I introduced the children to the idea of cubism.
We then as a class set about drawing animals from the ZOO book using oil pastels. In the second session we recap the use of geometric shapes and sharp angels. The children then used tissue paper cut into geometric shapes to overlay their oil pastel picture.
I don't have many pictures of the finished result but the children really connected with this mixed media project.