Sunday, 2 November 2014

Observational Drawing - Andy Warhol

Pop Art in the 1960's and 70's was dominated by Andy Warhol and his use of commercial products in his work was key. I used this to generate a discuss amongst my year 5 and 6 groups. We looked at Warhol's print of Campbell's soup. I posed the question what products would Warhol paint today?

We generated ideas from sports brands to computer companies. As a group we settled on food products as Warhol did. I think the knowledge that we would be drawing from observation so they may get to eat the products they chose did swing the decision a little. Jaffa cakes and Cadbury's chocolate along with Pringle crisps won the final vote.

As promised in the next session we had products we could practise drawing from observation. This gave great opportunities for the higher ability children to draw 3D forms. Once them had made preliminary sketches they up scaled their work to a large piece of buff sugar paper.

In the final session the children painted their products using a range of different size paint brushes and mixing paints to get their desired colours.