Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Textured Dinosaurs



Dinosaur paper plates

This term my year 3 and 4 classes are using the book, The Pebble In My Pocket, to generate writing opportunities. The book follows the journey of a pebble through time, from the creation of the earth to modern day.
The children have been concentrating on texture this term so using paper plates we created dinosaurs. In the first session, we drew a line down the centre of our paper plates, to create two equal halves. The children then looked at complimentary colours and where to find them on a colour wheel. We then painted the two halves different colours and allowed to dry. This didn't take long and then we could create a new layer of paint with two different colours. Before this layer dried we used modelling tools but anything that could make lines and marks would do i.e knife, forks or pen lids. Next, we created texture using the implements to give a skin or scale effect to the plate.
Finally, in the next session the children were able to cut their paper plates in two. Choosing one side as the body, while the other was used for the limbs and head. The result were very cool and the children truly did grasp the concept of creating texture using marks.