Sunday, 23 November 2014

Haring Shadow Pictures

Keith Haring - Secret Agent Shadow Pictures



In the summer term, my year 5 & 6 classes were studying the book Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. I found this a really hard book to connect to the art curriculum so I went along the lines of secret agents and linked that to their science focus of light and electricity. We began the session talking about famous secret agents and practising posing like secret agents. We then looked at the work of Keith Haring and how he used chalk to create motion figures.

Some of the children had prior knowledge of the artist as I had covered him in an art club session. Were the children drew around each other and painted the figure in and we made a replica of one of Keith Haring's most famous works.

Once the children had an idea of which poses they were going to use we moved outside to the playground were they posed for their partner to draw around their shadow with chalk and filled in the space with coloured chalks. To extend the lesson the children had to create a secret agent story to go with their shadow picture to share with the class. This session also gave rise to the discussion of light and shadow and how if we moved around in relation to the afternoon sun then the shape and size of the shadow changed to.