Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lichtenstein Onomatopoeia


Literacy and Pop Art Combined


I finally found some pictures of the Lichtenstein project I used as part of my pop art unit. I began the project by showing them an episode from the 1960's Batman TV Series where the used sound bubbles that came up on the screen. I was pleasantly surprised when  one child had seen the show and became very enthused which encouraged the others. We then looked at the work of Roy Lichtenstein and his use of the dotted background and the comic book style. We played the Ping Pong critic game as a warm up (see my thinking about art post).


We made a class onomatopoeia word bank for the children to choose from. Once the had selected their word they set about creating their own bubble writing style for their word. Many created two or three before they chose their final word.

I provided the children with coloured paper and patterned paper to choose from, to which they set about creating shapes including thought and speech bubbles, they could use to layer their picture

Next, we created their background. This was where the children really had to think about the primary and secondary colours they had already chosen. The had to choose a primary colour paint to create their dotted background. Many went back to the drawing board at this stage as they weren't happy with the colour combinations so if you want a more structured approach you could begin with he background and work up. We chose to do it the other way around.

Finally, to get the dotted affect we use bubble wrap taped to the table and rolled the paint over it printing the A3 plain paper over the top. Once dried the children arranged their shapes and lettering before sticking down. To add definition to the picture the children used black felt tips to define lines around the shapes and used motion lines.