Monday, 8 December 2014

If I Lived In A Snow Globe

Winter Snow Globes

Term 2 is a great opportunity for the children to experiment drawing with colouring pencils on different coloured paper. As part of a community art exhibition we were asked to think of what winter means to us or our ancestors. With this in mind, I asked the children to think of what it would be like to live in a snow globe where it is winter all the time. This really captured the children's imagination.

After we gathered some ideas about what we could draw the children used a plate to draw round to get their circle shape. The children then used either wax crayons or colouring pencils to draw their winter scene. As you would expect, a lot of the pictures featured snowmen, houses and trees.

If the children are using wax crayons, it is a great opportunity to encourage them to use as many different part of the crayon as possible. Questioning them to how the lines and texture you get when you use the side and tip of the crayon changes, can widen their understanding of texture in a picture.

To finish the snow globe of we cut out the circles and stuck a black shape on the bottom for the stand.