Friday, 5 December 2014

Snow Men Perspective

Birds Eye View Snow Men

If you work in a Primary School setting or have a child under the age of 13, it is impossible for you to of avoided the latest Disney Movie Frozen. It is the perfect time of year to capitalize on the children's latest craze. Olaf the snowman in the movie can easily be used to enthuses the children into creating great Pieces of art.
We began by creating a background using white wax crayons on an off white pieces of cartridge paper. The children then applied a blue colour wash with water colour paints to create a resist.
Whilst this was drying, the children used three different sized circles of plain paper to draw their snowman (Olaf). We talked about perspective and the angle at which we would be looking at the snowman. Most of the children realised they could layer the circles on top of each other to give a birds eye view perspective.
Then we used blue oil pastels to give definition to the edge of the circles. The children finished their work off by adding detail to their snowman i.e a scarf, nose, buttons even a hat.