Friday, 5 December 2014

Winter Wonderland Pictures


Using Value , Tints and Shades in a Picture

The winter time is a great time to teach the children about tints and shades so after the recent large harvest moon I took the opportunity to capture the children's imaginations to create these winter wonderland pictures
We worked on A3 off white sugar paper. The children were given a paint pallet with just a white and a blue splodge of paint. I modelled to the children how to create value using tints and shades in a painting.
We began by painting a large circle in the top two thirds of the paper, using the blue paint. I let the children choose whether their work would be portrait or landscape ( most chose the later as that's what I modelled). We then painted everything outside and to the edge of the paper in the same blue. With the left over blue paint we added a little white and mixed well. We then painted a second circle inside the first slightly overlapping the first circle. we continued adding white and creating circle until a small circle was left . We filled this with pure white.
In the bottom third of the picture the children painted this white for the snow scene.
After they had dried and in the second session the children then used black paint to create silhouettes in the moonlight.