Monday, 8 December 2014

Textured Wolf Masks


Using Textured Paper in a Collage


As part of years 1 and 2 literacy text we have been using the theme of wolves from the story book by Lauren Chid Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book. Our art focus for the term has bee texture. We have looked at what is texture? What textures can we see and describe? How can we use texture in our art work? If you look at my previous posts there are a lot on different activities that look at texture.

This week we made wolf masks using a range of textured paper and card. Any children that have a sensory need will enjoy this activity.

I gave each child a paper plate and on their group tables were a selection of different textured card and paper. We began the session feeling and describing the textures we had. This is a great cross curricular link into art as the children are using adjectives to describe and extending their vocabulary - which will hopefully improve their writing as well as their speech and language.

The children had to sort the pile of paper into categories before they could use the materials. I had made sure that the colour choice they had matched that of wolves.

The children started by covering the surface of a paper plate with either torn or cut pieces of the different textured materials.

When they had done this, they chose a colour for the nose and ears.By cutting out triangles then adding a black circle to the end of the largest triangle the children created their ears and nose shapes.

Finally they cut two white circles for eyes then two smaller circles for the pupils. We used basic gue sticks to apply our materials to the surface of the paper plate but depending on the thickness and heaviness of the materials you use you may need PVA glue.

This activity could also be done including fabrics and plastics. Some children chose to add whiskers but you need to make sure they don't look to much like a fox.