Friday, 5 December 2014

Texture Rubbings

Textured Moving Wolves

As my focus this term has been texture, the children in years 1 and 2 looked at texture in the simplest way. By feeling textures in their environment and describing them.

Later, I tasked the children with exploring the classroom and taking rubbings of the different textures they found. The children had an A3 wolf template that I found through Pinterest.

The children could choose the different coloured wax crayons they used to take their rubbings. This added to the overall effect. I did specify they had to find a different texture for each part of the wolf.

After the children cut out their wolf parts and assembled them into moveable wolf puppets using split pins.

This is a great little art activity that could be adapted to many different contexts. The reason we chose wolves was because of the terms literacy text by Lauren Child - Whose Afraid of The Big Bad Book. The main purpose or outcome of the activity should be for the children to begin to identify and describe textures in their environment and incorporate them in their work.