Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Textured Landscapes


Using Lines To Create Texture

This term the focus has been on texture and how to create it in pictures. This particular project is a good way of showing how different lines can create texture in a picture.
I began by asking the children to section the paper (portrait) into at least three parts. A foreground middle ground and background. There had to be an interesting feature in each section. Many went for mountains or volcanos in the background, a pond or river in the middle ground and smaller objects such as rocks or grass in the foreground.
Once they had outlined their sections with a black felt tip the children experimented with using different lines to create texture. We had previously practise drawing as many different lines as possible in two minutes as a warm up. The children used these lines as a reference point for their larger piece of work.
From the example you can see that the children used cross hatching, wavy lines and even their own names to give texture to the picture. The most successful pieces came from children who tried to match lines used to the natural texture of the section. i.e wavy loopy lines for water or bumpy sharp lines for the stones or rocks.