Monday, 8 December 2014

Olaf Snowmen Mugs

Great Christmas Fayre Crafts Ideas

If your looking for a nice craft ideas for the school Christmas fayre these Olaf (from Frozen) mugs are a great money earner. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year, you couldn't have avoided the latest Disney Movie Frozen. The snowman character is fairly easy to draw free hand or creating a stencil can yield impressive results.

You will need some specialised materials. I bought my mugs from Argos as just £3.49 for six. I also ordered some specialist porcelain pens from Amazon but a lot of craft shops stock them. All you need is a black and an orange.

To start, I used free printable colouring page to trace the lines of Olaf's face. What's helpful about using a colouring page, is you can choose from a range of face shapes and the main lines are clear for you. I used this to transfer to card and cut out the lines using a craft knife. If you do cut out with a craft knife protect the surface below from scratches. A craft board is best.

 I then taped the stencil with a bit of masking tape to the mug. I placed my stencil opposite the handle to give the best effect.

Using the black pen first I followed the stencil then used the orange to fill in the colour of the carrot nose. The pens I bout asked for me to leave them to dry for four hours before placing the in the oven for thirty minutes at 150 degrees. But you should follow the instruction of the pens you bought. After baking the picture seemed smoother and less likely to scrub off. I had tried this with sharpies but the picture didn't stay for more than two washes.

List of materials

Plain white mugs
Porcelain pens
Craft knife
Craft board
Masking tape
Chosen Olaf colouring page printable